Kura Kura Bali Welcomes BIRU: New Milestone in Sustainable Development

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  • 19 May 2024

DENPASAR, PERSPECTIVESNEWS - Konservasi Indonesia (KI), Conservation International (CI), Kura Kura Bali and MAPCLUB inaugurated the establishment of the Blue Intelligence Resource Unit (BIRU) which will become a hub to support conservation efforts in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region, Sunday (19/5/2024).

The establishment of BIRU is targeted to create and promote conservation programs and support the Government of Indonesia's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as support the implementation of biodiversity conservation initiatives.

Senior Vice President and Executive Chair of Konservasi Indonesia, Meizani Irmadhiany said, BIRU will become a center for the promotion of ongoing and future conservation programs, which can support the preservation of Indonesia's ecosystems in particular, and the Asia Pacific more broadly.

According to Meizani Irmadhiany, the government's direct support for Conservation Indonesia such as Blue Halo S, or coral reef and biodiversity conservation which has been KI's main program, certainly supports Indonesia's sustainable development plan.

“With the existence of BIRU, we hope to further expand collaboration with various parties such as the private sector, NGOs, academics, and communities, which will be able to contribute even more to the government's targets in the blue and green economy sector,” said Meizani at the launching of BIRU, Sunday (5/19/2024).

Furthermore, Meizani said, BIRU, which was born from the collaboration between KI, Kura Kura Bali and MAPCLUB, is the first form of multi-party collaboration that can connect consumers with conservation efforts through innovative funding.

“From the partnership in BIRU, we want to increase the positive economy towards nature and conservation efforts through knowledge exchange, capacity building and learning. We invite other private sectors to join our mission,” he said.

Senior Vice President Asia Pacific Field Division Conservation International, Richard Jeo at the same place said that CI admires the efforts and commitment of the Indonesian government in advancing the blue and green economy. He also hopes that BIRU can become a hub that will support KI's conservation programs in Indonesia and CI in Asia Pacific. Moreover, according to Richard, the work of both institutions is carried out using science as the basis of research.

“Our work in science is critical in driving this initiative, providing data and insights from the field to guide effective conservation strategies. In addition, BIRU's goal is to facilitate learning abroad, bring Indonesian learning abroad, and import valuable insights from other countries in the Asia Pacific. For example, we can share experiences from innovative initiatives such as Blue Halo S in Indonesia and Fiji, as well as blue carbon projects from the Singapore-based Blue Carbon Institute,” he said.

President Director of Kura Kura Bali, Tuti Hadiputranto, said that she welcomed the initiative of KI, CI, Kura Kura Bali and MAPCLUB to sit together and plan strategies in supporting the government's development plan.

"Kura Kura Bali is an ideal environment for this collaboration. We hope that BIRU can bring benefits to conservation programs and be an inspiration throughout Indonesia,” said Tuti.

Southeast Asia CEO & President Director of Gtech, MAPCLUB, Michel Hamilton expressed MAPCLUB's support for conservation efforts and environmental preservation.

He said he will start introducing this program to MAP product fans by developing the MAPCLUB digital platform through digital content collaboration, in-shop experience and gamification features to make it easier for MAPCLUB members to actively contribute to conservation efforts and environmental sustainability through digital retail platforms.