The island is bordered by 3,000 metres of beautiful coral reefs. In collaboration with Serangan Village and international environmental organisations such as Conservation International, the island will take the lead in the conservation of the reefs, creating a sanctuary for Indonesia’s rich and varied marine life.

A strong testimony of our great natural setting 

is represented by our turtle nesting beaches.

Numerous hatches were discovered in 2011 alone.

In collaboration with Serangan Village, Bali and international organization initiatives as Conservation International, the island will lead conservation of the long reefs and marine wild-life.

Sanctuary to 92 birds species

Kura Kura Bali currently engages with the University of Indonesia Research Centre for Climate Change and Turen Masterplan to restore and preserve the island’s natural habitats and biodiversity. Among its efforts are a 5-hectare bird sanctuary that is home to 92 bird species, and turtle nesting beaches that have seen a healthy number of turtle hatches – testament to the island’s wild and wonderful yet protected natural setting.


The preservation of the island’s flora began with the planting of 500,000 trees that have transformed the once barren sandy land into a lush, green nirvana. A mangrove forest that stretches across 35 hectares between the island’s north and south provides a haven for birds and wildlife.

Residents and visitors to the island can explore effortlessly thanks to an integrated network of walkways, cycling paths and park connectors that weave discreetly throughout the green surroundings.

Riding the magic carpet on the restless sea

The island’s five pristine beaches offer secluded escapes just steps from calm sea waters, fringed by stunning coral reefs – the perfect antidote to Bali’s more crowded hotspots.
For those seeking adventure, Serangan Beach boasts one of the best surf points, thrilling surfers with large, powerful, rolling waves at the shore break.