Kura Kura Bali creates thoughtful and inspiring connections with these traditions, combined with twenty-first century perspectives and innovations designed to help create a sustainable future.



On the 7 March 2013, a sacred ceremony was held to purify the merging of the island’s original and reclaimed land, and bring life, peace and prosperity to the island’s villagers and the development of Kura Kura Bali. It began with holy water collected by the villagers from 20 temples and holy sites around Bali being combined with the nine temples on the island. On completion of the ceremony, a vivid rainbow appeared in the sky – believed to be a divine sign by the Balinese.

The Passage of the ‘Nyakepan Karang Ceremony’

Ritual on the sea is a part of the ‘Nyakepan Karang Ceremony’ by giving offering to the power of ocean

Processing through the land

Ritual on the sea is a part of the ‘Nyakepan Karang Ceremony’ by giving offering to the power of ocean

The Offering

To the Balinese, rice is more than a staple food. It is sacred, and an integral part of their culture and significantly runs deep into their traditions and daily rituals.

Most Balinese rituals are accompanied by music, dance and drama

Balinese dance is dynamic, angular and intensely expressive. The use of the eyes, fingers, hands and body gestures make it a joy to behold.

The Topeng or Masked dance is related to the cult of the ancestors. In the masked dance there is a conscious attempt to include many, sometimes contradictory, aspects of the human experience: the sacred with the profane, beauty with ugliness, refinement with caricature.

Performed in Serangan village blessing of Kura Kura Bali.

Baris Gede Dance


The Baris dance is a sacred dance performed during ceremonies and other holy celebrations because it is believed that during these ceremonies The God, Goddesses and Ancestors come down to earth to give blessings. So the dance is performed to welcome them, to entertain and also as a thanksgiving.

Rejang “Dewa” Dance


Rejang, an ancient dance to delight and entertain the visiting God and spirit. Rejang consist of a slow procession, but participants conduct themselves with extreme grace and delicacy. It is a dignified and elegant affair. Performed by girls in Serangan village.

Wayang Kulit


A performance accompanied by ‘Gender wayang’, one of the most ancient musical ensembles existing Indonesian shadow puppetry has been designated by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In Bali the Wayang Kulit is mostly performed during religious ceremonies.

Performed in Serangan village.


Prayers by over a thousand Serangan villagers graced by highest level of Balinese Hindu priests.

A vivid rainbow illuminated the sky just a moment later, after the purification ceremony.


Harmony with Creation