Located in the Education Hub of Kura Kura Bali, the UID Bali Campus was completed in 2022 and has become a learning hub for education, innovation, wellness and ecology. ​
It is the home to Beijing’s Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network for Southeast Asia, the Tri Hita Karana Forum and the Global Blended Financial Alliance (GBFA) for sustainable development. 
A joint venture between Mitsubishi Estate Group and Grand Outlet Bali Investama (GOBI), carefully crafted to emerge as the premier international shopping destination. The Grand Outlet Bali will offer an array of luxury brands spanning clothing, bags, accessories and beyond, setting the standard for upscale shopping experiences.
Phase 1
Unveiling Soon in 2024/2025
ACS proudly holds a global top rank of 25. The inaugural cohort of students is scheduled to commence in Q3/Q4 2024, with operations expected to begin by 2025.
​All the ACS schools embrace the traditions of ACS and have established an enviable reputation for producing many of the nation’s outstanding leaders, entrepreneurs and sportsmen.
Unveiling Soon ​
The international marina in Kura Kura Bali is set to become Bali’s vibrant lifestyle hub. The prestigious marina offers a clubhouse, offices, retail, and dining, making it a top destination for enthusiasts. With 200 berths and exceptional docking facilities, the marina plans to include 6 stars hotels, retail shops, and additional facilities for an exceptional experience for visitors and residents alike.
Preserving our mangrove area is essential for its ecological significance. Acting as a natural shield, mangroves mitigate erosion, protect against storms, and serve as vital nurseries for marine life, enhancing biodiversity. By safeguarding our mangrove area, we will secure the resilience of promoting a sustainable coexistence between nature and development.


Kura Kura Bali is set to offer an unparalleled island experience that seamlessly blends lush natural landscapes with state-of-the-art infrastructure built to international standards. The development will feature a network of roads, water retention ponds, and water storage facilities, ensuring a steady and reliable water supply.

In addition to water canals, green energy power, electrical substations, and fiber optic internet connections will be in place to provide world-class connectivity. Additionally, to encourage eco-friendly transportation, walk and cycle paths will be woven throughout the development for active living, while sustainable waste management practices will be employed to minimize environmental impact. Completing the seamless connectivity, all cables and pipes are readily laid under ground to ensure clean visual experience.


The Three Mountains represent the three biggest mountains in Bali : Mount Agung, Mount Abang and Mount Batur. The building was designed by the founder of the award winning Bali Green School, John Hardy. It is a 1,200 sqm bamboo building structure, supported by three 15 meters towers.

The Three Mountains serves as an eco-lodge for exhibitions, events and interaction space. Significant events successfully conducted in the space includes APEC, Tri Hita Karana Forum, Tri Hita Karana Clean Bali, Launching of the Kerthi Bali Economy Roadmap, THK Forum Road to G20.


Surf Surf By the Waves (SSBW) was completed in the year of 2018. Beautifully decorated by the magnificent view of Badung Strait, SSBW was designed by Cheong Yew Kuan, a Singapore and Bali based architect who has done excellent works on many award winning resorts such as Aman, Four Seasons and many more.

The pillars of the building that represent the symbol of trees, have witnessed the IMF Gala Dinner in 2018 and is famous to have a mesmerizing effect with its serenity.

In 2024, this enchanting SSBW was chosen to host the opening of the 10th World Water Forum, Balinese Water Purification, drawing over 2,000 participants, who gathered to witness the sacred ceremonies of Tumpek Uye and Segara Kerthi.


Cove Pavilion is the most recent amenity built in our island. Completed in September 2022, the pavilion was designed by Elora Hardy, daughter of John Hardy, who is famously known for designing a community of bamboo.  

Kura Kura Bali is poised to deliver an extraordinary island encounter, harmoniously fusing vibrant natural surroundings with cutting-edge infrastructure crafted to meet global standards. The project encompasses a well-planned system of roads, water retention ponds, and storage facilities, guaranteeing a consistent and dependable water supply for the development.


Designed by Anneke Van Waerberghe, eco tent was built to showcase a glamping concept as part of the low environmental impact hospitality possibilities. Completed in 2013, the Eco Tenet has been the one perfect venue for private gathering, decorated by the stunning ocean view with greeneries around the area.